A modern approach to workforce solutions

Changing the way human resources is delivered

At some point everyone has a question related to their people, but who do you ask and are you getting relevant and accurate answers quickly? It can be difficult to incorporate HR into your business in a way that has maximum impact at a cost that makes sense.

Amui is a new way to deliver HR that answers the most basic questions all the way through to strategic workforce solutions. We believe there is a need to minimize risk and to provide access to knowledge so everyone makes better decisions.

You can ask questions anytime which eliminates your need to guess about the right course of action. We provide answers in the form of a customized solution and provide a project resource when it makes sense. You will get answers to people-related questions and to business questions that directly affect your people and your results.

Amui was designed to be a catalyst, tying HR to business and elevating people. We answer HR questions with business solutions.