Fast and simple access to HR knowledge

Connecting business to people-related questions

How does Amui answer my questions?

When you send us a question you’ll get one of the following:

R.A.Q. Relevant answers quickly. Emailed directly to you. It's what we do. A Starter Answer We'll provide you with information that may work, but likely a longer exchange will occur. We will pick up the phone if necessary. An On-Site Human A consultant from our vetted network will come on-site and work with you in a way that directly and positively impacts your business. A Lawyer Perhaps you need an employment lawyer. We will refer a lawyer from our vetted network.

How does it Work?

Send us an email and we’ll email you back. If it’s a complex question we will let you know the estimated time of a more robust answer (“ETA”).

How many questions can I ask?

As many as you want.

What kind of questions can I ask?

Ask us anything. Many aspects of your business impact your people even though the connection is subtle. And these subtle connections are often impactful.

Who can ask questions?

Anyone. Amui gives you access to accurate information so everyone makes better decisions. We provide decision support and knowledge transfer to level-up your managers and your employees.

The Fine Print

  • By vetted network we mean only those we have worked with and we trust.
  • We’ll call you when we think email is not sufficient to solve your problem.